How To Remove a Credit Card From Spotify 2024 (Best & Easy Method)

How To Remove a credit card from Spotify? As we know, Spotify is the most popular music streaming app. Spotify offers a 1- to 3-month premium subscription to their customers. Most users avail of these offers and enjoy the music journey. To activate this subscription, you can provide the credit card information on Spotify. It is very easy to complete the requirements.

How To Remove a Credit Card From Spotify

How To Remove a credit card from Spotify: [best two methods]

Check below for very simple and easy methods to remove the credit card from the Spotify account.

1-Unsub/cancel premium plan

Firstly, if you want to remove the credit card, you must login to your account. When login completed, go to your account page If the plan is showing active, check the button labeled Cancel premium”. Check below some easy steps

  • Sign in your account (enter your username and password)
  • Go to account review and click the option  “Available plan.”
  • Scroll downward and find option cancel premium

As per the above process, you can easily cancel your premium plan. When you use this method, your credit card information is permanently deleted.

2-payment method change

 Updating and changing your credit card information is very straight-forward and easy method. Just read and follow my given process, and you can easily solve your problem of how to change the payment method on Spotify.

  • Firstly login account
  • Go to your account information page then find and click active plan and update it.
  • Clicking on update just enter new method of your payment and another credit card.
  • cancel Spotify Premium membership

How to update your Spotify Account payment method

Update your Spotify payment method in the Google Play Store

Updating and changing your payment on Spotify using the Google Play Store is a very easy process. Please follow the process and also check the very helpful screenshot.

How To Remove a Credit Card From Spotify via playstore
  • Open google playstore.
  • Click on profile icon (placed in right corner in your device)
  • Go to your payment & subscription =>subscription
  • Select spotify from your subscription
  • Click the update primary payment method
  • When you tap on update “Add credit or debit card” then simply add your another card information and make it as primary payment method.
How To Remove a Credit Card From Spotify via playstore

How To Change Spotify Payment Method On Desktop

  • Go to official website,
  • Login to  your account
  • Click on Update Card
  • Add another card or payment details
  • After putting in all the details, save it.
Change your Spotify payment method on computer browsers
Change your Spotify payment method on computer browsers
Change your Spotify payment method on computer browsers

How To Change Your Spotify Payment Method On a Mobile Browser

Changing payment method in Spotify via browser is a very easy process. Here, we share some guidelines and helpful screenshots that can help you solve your problem.

Change your Spotify payment method on mobile browsers
Change your Spotify payment method on mobile browsers
  • Go to the official website, “”
  • Login your account (enter your username and password)
  • Click on the upper-right-hand setting icon.
  • Tap View Account
  • Click manage your plan
  • Tap update
  • Enter new card information
  • After the update, just save it.

How do I get a Spotify free trial without a credit card?

If you are using Spotify to enjoy your music journey,. Spotify is one of the best music app. As we all know, every other music streaming service, Spotify, also offers a premium subscription at the start as a free trial. If you don’t know how to get a free trial of Spotify without a credit card, then don’t worry about this problem. We are here to solve this problem with very easy steps.

As we know, to activate this subscription, we can add credit card to spotify to avail this offer. But it is very common problem that everyone faces the deduction in their account when trial is over.

Don’t worry, now we are sharing some tip for everyone to avail the free trial for 7 days without adding a credit card. Just read and follow some of very easy steps below.  

Note: This method may not work for some Spotify accounts.

  • Login to your Spotify account (add account had not active subscription)
  • Go setting, then  Account
  • In your account, you see the label “Try premium for free.”
  • Click on it here to activate the trial without credit card.

Note: if this method not work for you, then there is no other process to activate the subscription without a card.


  1. Make sure that you are logged into your browser.
  2. Below your name and email address, click the credit card icon.
  3. Click the link “Autofill and passwords” on the left.
  4. Use the slider to disable “Save and fill payment methods.”
  5. Use the slider to disable “Allow sites to check if you have payment methods saved.
  1. Enter your account login information at
  2. In Account Overview, scroll down to Your planand hit Change plan.
  3. Next, scroll down to Available plans and hit Cancel Premium.
  4. Finally, hit Yes, cancel to finish the cancellation process.

Spotify and Netflix are safe to use, though I am not sure about the “etc.” They will charge your credit card Re1 or similar small amount to ‘authenticate’ your purchase. If you cancel the subscription before it ‘auto-renews’ then your card is not charged.

To obtain a refund prior to the expiration of the 14-day period, please get in touch with Customer Support by clicking this link. After 14 days from purchase/activation, you may cancel your subscription as described above but you will not receive a refund.

By clicking here and following the instructions, or by logging into your Spotify account and following the prompts on the Account page, you can cancel your Paid Subscription at any time. Unless otherwise indicated, cancellation will take effect from the end of the billing period in which you cancel.

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