Spotify Premium APK 2024 v8.10.9.722 Free Download

Spotify Premium Apk v8.10.9.722 download latest version now available in Spotify is a famous music app for music lovers. In this MOD version you can enjoy all Spotify Premium features with “no ads” and “unlimited song skip,” and many more amazing features and also Listen any radio channel at any place. Yes, it is the truth! Just click the download button below and enjoy.

Download the latest version of Spotify Premium APK v8.10.9.722. With this, you get 100% ad-free, unlimited everything, and the ability to download music offline.

NameSpotify Premium APK
Updated1 Hours Ago
Size76.60 MB
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked/No ads
Requires withAndroid 5.0 and up
$ PriceFree
Detail Of Spotify Premium + MOD APK v8.10.9.722

What Is Spotify Premium APK?

The premium version is a modded version of the official app. In the Spotify free version, users face limitations on many of its best features, like the ability to skip songs, high-quality music streaming, making your own playlist, sharing with friends, and many more.

Spotify mod apk offers all features for free, and that’s good news for you because now you can enjoy all of the features of Spotify. In this mod version, the best thing is that no ads are displayed, which takes your music journey to the next level.

  • Ad-Free Listening
  • Offline Downloads
  • Pick and Play Any Track on Mobile
  • Play Songs in Any Order
  • Highest Music Quality

Premium Features Of Spotify MOD APK

The basic version of spotify is free but offers limited features. If you want to access all features, you need to get a subscription. If you have no money to purchase a subscription, don’t worry; we are here to provide you with a solution, which is the Spotify mod apk. It is a modified version of Spotify, and it offers all premium features at no cost. Yeah! It is true. You can use all features for free play unlimited songs and your favorite podcast without Ads.

  • Listen your favorite songs
  • play your favorite podcast
  • search favorite artist
  • make your own playlist
  • recommendation of songs depend on your mood

Below, we discuss some useful features of Spotify MOD/Premium

NO Ads:

No one likes the interruption of ads while playing songs and podcasts. With spotify premium apk, no ads will displayed That’s why this is the best feature of premium version.

NO ads:

NO Root

You can use this spotify mod apk without rooting the device. Some other apps required root while using them, but spotify premium apk doesn’t need this root.

NO Root

Unlimited Skip songs

You know that the Spotify basic version allow the user to skip the songs only 6 times in one hour. We removed this because it is very irritating for users. Now you can enjoy songs and skip songs unlimitedly.

Unlimited Skip songs

High-quality audio

As you know, spotify free offers low-quality of sounds, and you are restricted from switching the quality of your song. But we have solution in spotify mod apk Yeah, its true now you can play song in high quality.

High quality audio:

Why We Should Choose Spotify

Spotify is music streaming service with more than 600 million plus user. Spotify is best application because it have 100 million songs and 5 million podcasts, which makes it one of the top music app in the the world. a few more points on my own experience that make Spotify king itself than are given below

  • Vast Music Library
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Offline Listening
  • Social Features
  • Podcasts and Audio Content: High-Quality Audio

How to Install Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify premium apk is free and very easy to install and use for everybody; there is no need of any expertise. Now below, I am sharing my easy-to-use method, which helps you a lot. Just follow these steps and see the screenshots given below and you can do it easily.

Step 1:

First, to install the Spotify apk, Download the Spotify Mod APK from the below download button. When the download is complete, just click and open the apk.

Step 2

If Spotify is already installed on your device, please uninstall it. Now download Premium Apk; just see the below screenshots and follow the steps. Click the setting “Allow from the resource, and again click on the apk file and install.

download spotify Premium Apk
download spotify Premium Apk
download spotify Premium Apk
download Premium Apk

Step 3

When the installation ends, open the app. when app is open, you see the interface shown in the screenshot below. It is very easy method to signup. Click the signup button and create an account Choose any option that suits your facebook email and phone number.

install spotify Premium Apk
install spotify Premium Apk
install spotify Premium Apk

Remember that if you already have a Spotify account, never use your existing one; always use a new email or Facebook ID. There may be a chance to ban your account.

Step 4

Put all the information together, click on the next button, and select your language. that’s it. You have done great work. Now enjoy your favorite songs, podcasts, and playlists.

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the best and biggest music stores in this era. Spotify is an online music streaming app. It has millions of songs in the store. In the old days, everybody downloaded and stored the song on their devices. But now, in digital time, everyone listens to their favorite songs online with Spotify.
Spotify offers the best sound quality and many features; that’s why everybody likes Spotify. user enjoying the sound quality at 160 kbs and also enjoying its double quality with its premium subscription.
Spotify updates their stores consistently; that’s what makes Spotify a music store. In Spotify apk, all types of songs users enjoy, like relaxing parties and many others,.

Basic Features Of Spotify

Huge Library:

A huge songs and podcast contained spotify library. There are approximately more than 100 million song and 5 million podcasts available. Users can enjoy every artist without missing of anything.

Huge Library Spotify Premium APK

Recamended Playlist:

Spotify understands the users taste on behalf of their choice of listening songs and following artist. That will allow Spotify to select a different playlist for the user based on their listening taste.

Recamended Playlist Spotify Premium APK

Podcast Subscribe

Every users of spotify easily subscribes to their favorite channel to enjoy the podcast and never miss an episode.

Podcast Subscribe:

Own Playlist

The user is allowed to make his own playlist depending on his mood, which can help him next time when he plays his own favorite songs in his own playlist.

Own Playlist

Spotify Premium Pricing

Spotify Premium Pricing table

User’s Reviews and Ratings

User’s Reviews and Ratings of spotify

1st User

It worked great, and there was virtually every song you could think of. At first, it seems like the free version is awesome and a great steal, but if you run out of skips (which you’d think would be higher at times), it disables some of the core functions, like playing specific songs whenever you want. I get that they need some way to convince people to pay a premium, but aren’t the add-ons enough? (As a side note, premium is stupidly expensive for just songs.)

2nd User

It’s truly a great app; I’ve used it for years. Good audio, great selection, simple search engine, etc.—recently becoming money-hungry and ad-obsessed. Prior to everything, ads weren’t too terrible and I could read the lyrics to songs. Now, ads are reoccurring and I have limited amount of lyrics I can view. I really don’t see the point in it; just quit being money-hungry. Premium isn’t too terribly expensive, but for a once-free app, it’s quite literally ruining itself.

What’s New in the premium apk?

Current version: V8.9.48.575

  • Ad-free listening.
  • Personalized playlists.
  • High-quality sound and Unlimited skips.
  • Likely includes bug fixes and performance.
  • Improved user interface.


  • smoother experience compared to older versions.
  • Likely compatible with Android 5.0+ devices.
  • Bugs are fixed.

Pros And Cons Of Spotify MOD APK


  • Easy Access
  • Social Music Experience
  • Download Music and Podcasts.
  • Available on various platforms.
  • Vast Music Library Over 40million tracks.
  • Enjoy playlists and songs in shuffle mode. 


  • Interruptions due to ads in free version.
  •  Limited Offline Listening.
  • Lower audio quality for free users.
  • Restricted skips per hour for free users.
  • Some artists find compensation inadequate.
  • Licensing Conflicts.

Some Common Problems Users Might Face While Using Spotify And How To Fix Them

Android :

  • Close and reopen the Spotify app.
  • Check the Google Play Store for pending updates and install them.
  • Restart your Android device.

For iOS devices (iPhone or iPad):

  • Clear the app from the app switcher menu and reopen it.
  • Update to the latest version of the app from the App Store.
  • Clear the app cache by launching Spotify
  • Tapping the gear icon opens the storage settings.
  • Tapping the Delete cache button.


  • This error occurs due to installation problems.
  • Uninstall Spotify and manually delete the installation folder from File Explorer.

How Do You Solve Some Common Errors?

  • Firstly, restart the device of any type you have. Highly likely fix your problem.
  • If the app is outdated, please update it on our website.
  • Clear the cache and data.
  • Uninstall or reinstall the Spotify Premium APK.
  • If problem not solved, contact their support.

Spotify Alternatives

Some alternative to spotify are here


Deezer: which is best? Deezer is One of the most popular alternative to spotify is deezer. Deezer is the biggest music streaming platform. Deezer offers you unlimited songs and many more things, depending on your mood. Deezer algorithm judge your listening experience and recommended songs and artists based of your preferences. Deezer have also has lyrics and translation features that translate the song


Pandora : which is best? Pandora is famous alternative to spotify. Pandora is music player. It have very large library. It also contains famous songs. Listen to the music with Pandora and make your experience unforgettable. Pandora has very easy-to-use interface. Pandora also update their songs library.

Apple Music

Apple Music: Which app is best for you. Apple music is music player which makes possible for users to play songs online and offline without any cost. More then 150 countries use Apple Music. Apple music contains more than 35 million songs in the music store and it continuously upgraded. Apple music also suggest the newest songs and shows the user which song they like or listening.  Apple music also lets you set your own playlist.

YouTube Music

Spotify premium free apk vs YouTube Music: want to know which app is best? YouTube music is most famous music streaming contains more than 100 million songs. It contains live performance, rap, remixes mashups, etc. create your own favorite playlist and also share it. You can use it on a phone, desktop, smart speakers, smart tv , cars and even a smart watch.


Tidal music is most famous music player app. Tidal offers a user-friendly interface and a vast music library. Tidal music provides high sound quality for better user experience. Tidal music contains many next-level features, like high-quality audio, changing the music listening mode, skipping songs, and many more.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music streaming app like Spotify. you can listen lots of songs. It started in 2007. You can listen on your phone, computer, or smart speakers. There are some different plans and pricing: Free, Prime, Unlimited, and HD. The free plan has ads, but the other plans do not. Amazon Music has over 75 million songs, so you can find almost any song you like.

Final Words

Spotify Premium Apk is one of the best versions in the music industry today. It offers the best features to users. These features make it the king of music apps. In this Premium Apk, you can access all of the premium purchase features without any charges.

Note: The Spotify Premium App makes no guarantees about the trustworthiness of any third-party app, including this one. Because of the quality of these apps, they cannot always be identified as functioning as planned.


If you’ve never had Premium before, you may be eligible for a free (or reduced rate) trial. For trials, you’ll still need to enter a valid payment method to sign up.

Spotify is just one music streaming platform that offers a free ad-supported plan, but if you’re over the ads but don’t want to start fresh somewhere new — or are looking for and affordable music streamer, there are a few ways you can score a Spotify Premium subscription for free

Using Spotify Mod APK on your account can have several potential consequences, including: Account suspension or termination: Using Spotify Mod APK may violate the terms of service for the official app, and as a result, your account may be suspended or terminated

Spotify Premium does have higher quality than Free Spotify, but it doesn’t have a high resolution or “HiFi” setting.


Spotify is an app made just for people who love songs and music. It was first made by SpotifyAB on October 7, 2008, with the idea of having one place for all kinds of music from around the world.
This is a disclaimer to say that this app is just for fun and entertainment for users. And we don’t own any rights to this app. All rights belong to the Respective Spotify company.


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