How To Remove Multiple Songs From Spotify Playlist (Step-by-Step Full Guide)

How To Remove Multiple Songs From Spotify Playlist? You don’t know about the process No problem We are here to resolve your problem with very quick and easy steps. As we know, Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming apps, offering a huge library of songs and podcasts. On Spotify, every user can easily listen to songs and make their own albums and playlists. But some of the time, users want to remove the songs for any reasons.

How To Remove Multiple Songs From Spotify Playlist

How do you remove a song from a Spotify playlist? It is confusing. Removing the songs is very easy process. Just follow the below guidelines. In this article, you will easily find a step-by-step guide.

how to remove songs from spotify playlist on phone

  • Open the Spotify app
  • Go to playlist
  • Click and hold the songs to select them.
  • Tap remove from playlist/remove from library.
  • Confirm it.

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Open the spotify app

If you have a free version of Spotify, then we have shared the Spotify premium apk. It is a mod version of Spotify. Access all of the premium features on Spotify. Download the Spotify premium apk and open it on your device.

Go to playlist

Easily navigate and go to playlist/library and click to open the playlist which you want to remove songs.

Click and hold the song/songs to select

After open the playlist find your songs which you want to remove/delete and select it. Selecting songs is very easy just click and hold songs.

Tap remove from playlist/remove from library

After long click on song, a menu appears with multiple options. Find the option “remove from playlist” or “remove from library.” Just click the option.


After doing all the processing just confirm in the dialog box that “yes” appears after pressing the remove from playlist option. Just confirm it, and that’s it; you are done.

How to remove multiple songs from Spotify playlist on a PC

  • Go to your playlist.
  • Choose the songs you want to remove.
  • Hold your CMD key on your keyboard and click on each songs that you want to remove (It should look like this)
  • Hover over a selected song.
  • Press the DEL key on your keyboard.

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