Amazon Music Vs Spotify Which Music Service is Right For You in 2024


Amazon Music Vs Spotify If choosing the best and right music streaming service is difficult for you,? No worries; we are here for you. In this article, we briefly discuss both platforms and their features. Both are the most popular music apps.

Both have great features. But when choosing which one is better for you is difficult stay with Spotiexpert, read the article, and check out all the comparisons that will help you decide which one is a better option for you.

Amazon music vs spotify

Amazon Music Overview

Amazon Music started in 2007. Today it is most popular music app. This app offers many features. It have different subscription plans. It also have free plan for users. But in this plan, very limited features are given to users. Different plan offer different features and costs.

Spotify Overview

Spotify was started in 2008 by Spotify AB. It became very famous very quickly. It has an easy-to-use interface that is understandable for everyone. It has a lot of music and artists in its store. Spotify offers different plan Free and Spotify Premium Plan. In the free plan, it gives limited features. On the premium plan, Spotify offers the most amazing features. Different plan have different cost.

comparison table of amazon music vs Spotify

FeatureAmazon MusicSpotify
Music LibraryOver 75 million songsOver 70 million songs
Playlists and RecommendationsExpert-curated playlists, personalized recommendationsFamous for smart recommendations and a wide variety of playlists
User InterfaceSimple and cleanSleek, modern, and user-friendly
Offline ListeningYes, can download songs for offline listeningYes, can download songs for offline listening
PriceFree with ads, $9.99/month for Unlimited ($7.99/month with Amazon Prime)Free with ads, $9.99/month for Premium (family and student plans available)
comparison table of amazon music vs Spotify

feature comparison: amazon music vs Spotify

Amazon Music Vs Spotify? Choosing right platform is only done by comparison. Below we discuss all comparison on features basis. it helps you to decide which platform is best for you in your music journey

Music Library Comparison

Amazon Music Music Library

Amazon Music has a big library of over more than 75 million songs. You can find almost any of your favorite song you want to listen to.

Spotify Music Library

Spotify also has a huge library with over 70 million songs. It has a variety of music and podcasts from all around the world. If you are a music lover, then Spotify has the biggest music store that contains all songs. On Spotify, you can also find the newest songs that give you an edge over Amazon music.

Audio Quality

Amazon Music Audio Quality

A good quality of audio is more important for any music app. Amazon music also offer a standard quality of audio in basic plan and HD quality offers in Amazon Music HD plan. Which make better experience while listening songs.

Spotify Audio Quality

Spotify have also offers the high quality in its premium plan. But high resolution option like in Amazon Music HD is not available in spotify.

User Interface and Experience

Amazon Music User Interface and Experience

A good interface and smooth experience are very important for any app. The Amazon Music App has a very simple and clean interface that is easily used by everyone. It is easy for user to find music.

Spotify User Interface and Experience

Spotify has modern and sleek interface which make this app next level. It have clean interface. it is user friendly interface. there amazing design is very impressive for new user.

Music Discovery and Recommendations

Amazon Music Music Discovery and Recommendations

As we know, every music streaming app uses an algorithm to understand user behavior. By using these algorithms, they can recommend songs to users. Amazon Music also offers playlists to users that are created by experts. It also recommends songs based on what the user likes to listen to.

Spotify Music Discovery and Recommendations

Spotify have also advance recommendation algorithm. It offers famous and popular playlist to user on their taste.

Offline Listening

Amazon Music Offline Listening

Amazon Music offer their users to download song listen offline. This is great feature when you have no internet connection you can easily listen your favorite songs. But it offer only Amazon Music Unlimited and HD subscriber plan.

Spotify Offline Listening

Spotify also allow you to download your favorite song and enjoy offline when you have no internet connection. It alow you download upto 10,000 songs in your five devices. But it is only available in Spotify premium plan.

Social Features

Amazon Music Social Features

Amazon music offers very limited social features. But it is not advance like spotify.

Spotify Social Features

Spotify is amazing for social features. You can easily share your playlist with your friends follower and family. You friends also share with you through social features.

Podcasts and Additional Content

Amazon Music Podcasts and Additional Content

Amazon music is offer podcast to user. It also offer other audio content like audio books and live radio option.

Spotify Podcasts and Additional Content

Podcasts are now a big part of music streaming. Spotify has large library of podcast and exclusive shows as compared to amazon music

Ad Experience

Amazon Music Ad Experience

Amazon music free user also face the ads in free plan. But in prime and HD plan you can enjoy ads free experience.

Spotify Ad Experience

Spotify is also show ads to free plan users during playing songs. But in Spotify Premium plan User never show any ads while using spotify.

Family and Student Plans

Amazon Music Family and Student Plans

In family and student plan help users to save money and enjoy best features in very less cost. Amazon music has a family plan which is 6 month duration and it is used by up to 6 people. Amazon music also offers student plan.

Spotify Family and Student Plans

Spotify also offers a family plan, which supports six accounts. Spotify also offers student plan. It include Hulu and showtime. It make it more better then others.

Customer Support and Community

Amazon Music Customer Support and Community

Good customer support is far far important for any platform. Amazon music also offer this support through live chat, phone and help center. Amazon music have also active community for user queries and solve out their problems.

Spotify Customer Support and Community

Spotify has similar support system for user and very strong community. Where user can get help and share the tips for new users.


Choosing between Amazon Music vs Spotify depends on what you need features. Amazon Music is great for high-quality audio and works perfectly with Alexa. Spotify is very good for finding new music, social features, and podcasts. Both contains large music libraries, good apps, and offline listening features. Think about what matters most to you and choose accordingly. No matter which one you choose, you will have access to millions of songs to enjoy!


Amazon Music offers high-resolution audio and works well with Alexa devices. Spotify is better for finding new music and has more podcasts.

Amazon Music HD has better audio quality with high-resolution options. Spotify’s best quality is not as high.

Yes, both Amazon Music and Spotify work on many smart devices

Both Amazon Music and Spotify have family plans for up to six people. Spotify’s plan includes extra benefits like shared playlists, while Amazon Music offers good savings and shared access.

Yes, both Amazon Music and Spotify have free plans with ads. Their premium plans are ad-free and offer more features.

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