Spotify VS Spotify Lite: Which One is Better Version (Full Detailed Comparison)

What is Spotify vs Spotify Lite?

Spotify vs Spotify lite In this article, we are discussing both apps. As we know, Spotify is the most popular music app in this era. Spotify launched the “lite” version, as well as Facebook and many other popular apps. This lite version give less space. It is compatible with low-end Android versions. Because Spotify Premium Apk gives much more space as compared to Spotify lite. Spotify has more than 80 MB, and Spotify Lite is only 10 MB.

Spotify vs Spotify lite

Spotify vs. Spotify Lite: Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis

So in the below article, we discuss all factors and compare both Spotify and Spotify Lite.

FeatureSpotifySpotify Lite
Ad-free ListeningYes (Premium)Yes (Premium)
Offline DownloadsYes (Premium)Yes (Premium)
Music QualityUp to 320 kbpsLimited to 128 kbps
Data Saver ModeYesYes
Playlist CreationYesYes
Discover WeeklyYesNo
Daily MixesYesNo
Podcast AvailabilityYesNo
Spotify vs. Spotify Lite: Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis


Firstly, the size is a major difference between both versions. Spotify takes up a lot of space on your device. On the other hand, Spotify Lite Mod Apk occupies less space. In this digital era, we know that updating an app contains more size because, in an update, Spotify launches many other features for users. That’s why Spotify does not support low-space devices.

User interface

Here is another biggest difference in user interface.  Both version user interface is almost same. In both spotify and spotify lite have very minor difference. in spotify top of screen show “Frequently played playlist” and spotify lite show “Recently played playlist”. But both version is very easy o use interface.

Sound quality

Spotify offers premium users different sound quality options. In Spotify Lite, it also offers high sound quality, but in the main version, the quality of sound is much better than in the Lite version.

Device broadcast status

This feature of Spotify is very amazing. In Spotify, user use this feature but in Spotify lite user cannot use board cast status features.

Offline mode

Spotify offers offline features for premium users to enjoy music offline. But in spotify lite cannot offer offline mode features.

Battery usage

As we know spotify occupy more space as compared to lite version. Spotify consumes more battery but spotify lite consumes less battery due to size difference.  


In the above discussion about Spotify vs. Spotify Lite, we are sharing the major differences between both versions and some major features. If you enjoy more features and an efficient user interface, then use Spotify’s main version.

But if you want to consume less space and use less battery, then Spotify Lite is a better option. But in this case, you can use fewer features and update the version.


The Spotify app has been simplified into Spotify Lite, which uses less battery life, data, and storage. Perfect for older devices and operating systems. You can still search for and play your favorite music, save, share with others, get recommendations, and much more.

While Spotify Premium lacks a high resolution or “HiFi” setting, it does have a higher quality than Free Spotify. However, on February 22, 2021, Spotify announced Spotify HiFi, a lossless audio streaming tier that’ll fit in with services like Deezer, Tidal HiFi, and Amazon Music HD.

You can download any song to listen to offline if you upgrade to Spotify Premium. However, even though you are a Premium user, there is no offline mode in the Lite version. What’s more, specific songs cannot be selected to play even for premium subscribers, so all music has to be played via shuffle.

What’s the difference between Spotify and Spotify Lite? Spotify Lite is a simplified version of Spotify. With this version, you still can search for and play your favorite songs and artists, save them, share with others, discover new music, enjoy playlists, and more. But now it is only available on Android devices.


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