Spotify vs Pandora: Choosing the Perfect Music Streaming Service

Spotify vs Pandora which music app is Best (deep comparison)?

Spotify vs Pandora which music app is perfect? In this article, I am sharing a deep comparison between Spotify and Pandora. This comparison is based on my own searching about both app and users experiences. In this digital days, both are biggest music streaming apps in music industry. Both are some of the best music-provider apps.

But which app is better than the others? Below, we discuss deep comparison. We also compare both. This comparison depend on their best features, price, music library, etc. Here are some point that can help you decide which music app is best.

Spotify vs Pandora feature comparison

  • Price
  • Playlist creation
  • Interface
  • Availability
  • Download songs
  • Skip songs
  • Library size


Spotify vs Pandora: Both Spotify and Pandora offer a free trial version. But in the trial version, users face very limited features. Both also have a premium plan. On the premium plan, Spotify and Pandora offer their best features to users.

Pricing table for Spotify and Pandora:

Plan NamePandoraSpotify
Premium plan$4.99 per month$10.99 per month
Student Plan$4.99 per month$5.99 per month
‘Duo’ plan$14.99 per month, 2 accounts
Family Plan$14.99 per month, 6 accounts$15.99 per month, 6 accounts
Pricing table for Spotify and Pandora:

Spotify Price:

In the Spotify Premium Plan, it offers users different paid plans. These plan have different name and prices.

  • Free ($0 per month)
  • Individual premium plan ($10.99 per month)
  • Duo premium ($14.99 per month)
  • Family premium plan ($16.99 per month)
  • Student premium plan ($5.99 per month)

The student premium plan is one of the best offers on Spotify because, with this plan, you can use all the features of premium at a lower price.

Pandora Price:

Pandora also offers different paid plan with different prices

  • Free ($0 per month)
  • Plus ($4.99 per month)
  • Premium ($9.99 per month)
  • Family Premium ($16.99 per month)
  • Student Premium plan ($4.99 per month)

Pandora’s plans are not as good as Spotify’s plans and features. Because Spotify offers the best features at a cheap price.

Playlist creation

Spotify vs Pandora both contain millions of songs and podcasts. Both have many playlists for users to enjoy their songs and podcasts. Creating your own playlist is one of the best features in the music industry. Check out which app offers users the ability to make their own personal playlist.

Spotify playlist creation:

Spotify allows users to make their own personal, separate playlist. This playlist only contains songs that the user likes personally. In this feature, one of the best things is that you can also create playlists with friends. Spotify also recommends songs, artists, and playlists to users with its AI algorithm.

Pandora Playlist Creation:

Pandora offers only creating custom playlists. On Pandora, users can’t make their own playlist. However, Pandora’s algorithm determines the user’s preferences based on his music journey, such as his favorite tracks, songs, and podcasts. At the start of the Pandora journey, users show mixed songs, but as time passes, it recommends you be aware of your tempo when choosing the song and artist.

User interface

Spotify and Pandora both have an efficient and very user-friendly interface. Some features are only minor differences. Both apps are easy to use. Both offer many of the same features, but some are slightly different.

Pandora User interface:

Pandora interface is simple and easy to use. But sometime it’s very difficult some features very complicated. it have radio style algorithm. It take much of time to analyze your choice.

Spotify User interface:

Spotify users experience is much better than Pandora. Its interface is very easy to use. Spotify has a very advanced algorithm. Spotify analyzes user listening and generates playlists for users based on their tastes. This feature saves users time and effort when searching.


  Both app available in different countries.

Pandora Availability:

Pandora is not available in all countries or for all users. It is only available in the US. That’s why users in other countries do not use this music app.

Spotify Availability:

On the other hand, Spotify is much better than Pandora. Spotify is available in approximately 180 countries. That’s why it’s a very famous music app. Spotify contains more than 100 million tracks for its users. This makes it king in the music industry.

Song download

Spotify vs Pandora Users of both apps want to download their favorite songs and tracks. A huge amount of searching on Google is about downloading songs from Spotify and Pandora.

Spotify song download:

Spotify offers the plan. One plan is free to use, and the other is a paid plan for those users who want to use additional features of the app. In the free plan, users can’t access to download songs. But with the paid plan, users can easily download their favorite songs.

Pandora song download:

Pandora is one of the best apps, but the downloading feature is very bad news for users. On Pandora, users can’t download the songs for free or on a paid plan.

Song skipping

Spotify vs Pandora, Skipping songs and tracks is a very common feature. It is a very important feature. Both apps allowed the users to skip the songs. Both have slightly different skipping songs depending on the user plan.

Pandora song skipping:

Pandora allows users to skip songs when listening. However, it imposes some restrictions; in both plans, users are limited to six skips per hour. It also allows only 30 skips in one day.

Spotify song skipping:

Spotify allows users to skip the song with no limits. Users can skip songs in both the Free and Paid Plans.

Library Size:

Spotify vs Pandora,A big library make the music app king in music industry. Both Spotify and Pandora have different library sizes.

Pandora Library Size:

Pandora is one of the biggest music app. It contains more than one million songs in the library.

Spotify library size:

 Spotify offers 20 million songs in library. That is a huge amount of songs podcasts, etc. In library, Spotify beat Pandora.


In above article, we discuss very major differences of Spotify vs Pandora. It can help you choose which app is better then others. Both app offer music songs and podcasts. Both app have millions of users. Both app contain millions of songs. Both app offer many features. But there are also some differences.

The choice between Pandora and Spotify depends on the personal choice of the user. It all depends on the user and which app makes him use it easily. 

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